Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Afghanistan situation after Taliban Takeover


After the Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan Government whole world is concerned about the internal situation in Afghanistan. According to the latest reports and news coming from Kabul


Taliban took control as on 16th of August 2021 of Afganistan.

The whole world was concerned that it will be a brutal massacre and internal war will be started between the Taliban and other groups.

As US left Afghanistan without any political settlement among the different groups.

But nothing really happened, Taliban took the control of all government offices and media channels. But did not harm even a single man or woman.

All the educational institutes were remain opened and all the traffic in the city is normal.


Taliban came into power after 20 years. People were terrified due to the strong stance and ideology of the Taliban.

The New approach of the Taliban has shown great respect for their vision for the country is commendable.

They have announced that all women will be given equal rights. All the children will be given fair and free chances for education.

Women are welcome to join government offices and work in peace.

Taliban announced to the international community that they are here for a better Afganistan

Economically well balanced

Reconstruction of all cities

basic facilities




all types of leisure will be provided to the people of Afganistan.


“This is now our test that who we will takecare of our country and the people of Afganistan.”

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