Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Babar Azam fully supports Sarfaraz Ahmed in the selection of all team formats. Babar Azam who has been appointed as the Captain for all the cricket formats for Pakistan has been transformed under the leadership of Sarfaraz Ahmed who not only supported him in his early career but also gave him a lot of confidence during Babar Azam started grey patches of his career.

Babar Azam Captain Pakistan Team

Sarfaraz Ahmed who always been appraised by all the cricketing community of Pakistan is a hero and born talented and hardworking cricketer.

Babar Azam and Sarfaraz Ahmed

Sarfaraz Ahmed who had captained Pakistan Team in all formats of game is not an ordinary name.

Under Sarfaraz Ahmed captaincy Pakistan not only become no.1 team of T20 but also won Historic Champions Trophy in 2016 against lifetime opponent India at England.

Babar Azam always been a blue-eyed boy of the previous Head Coach of Pakistan Mickey Aurther who supported Babar Azam and also acknowledge his potential and given him space in all format with the support of Sarfaraz Ahmed and Babar Azam proven at the latter stage that he is one of the greats of modern cricket.

In Pakistan we have not witnessed once but many times that once the new talent got the chance, he relatively tries to avoid senior players from the team so that he can do whatever he thinks better for the team but in Babar And Sarfaraz case we have witnessed it’s not been the case.

Sarfaraz Ahmed who was bashed out of the team from all the formats of international cricket was a very hard and astonishing attempt of the selection committee and whole cricket lovers were stunned for such a hard decision because Sarfaraz had very great contribution for the Pakistan Team.

Sarfaraz Ahmed

But once we do the analysis because Sarfaraz lost the crown even he was the Captain of No.t20 Team of the world we come to the point that Sarfaraz Ahmed not only lacking in his decision makings, he lost control on the players of team due to lack of his personal performance as he had no tons, no double figures scores since many months and not any note able performance in any format.

After the Mickey Aurther tenure as a Head Coach completed Sarfaraz Ahmed was also been out of the team.

In the current time where Muhammad Rizwan has almost closed all the doors for any upcoming wicket-keeper Batsmen in all formats. Sarfaraz is on the bench but the happy things is that he has a complete support of Babar Azam which not only creates a health combination and team effort between all the member of the team but it gives a positive energy for all Players.

Babar Azam

We like to see Safi again but with his blistering performance with the Bat and Behind the wickets

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