Saturday, September 25, 2021

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The economy of Pakistan showing 3.96% growth. All the economists of Pakistan along with international financial corporation showing positive growing economy of Pakistan for the year 2020-21.

Allah our creator is the best planner and Allah promised to humans that “Their prime duty is to do hard work and reward will be given by Allah.”

First of all thanks to Allah who is so kind on Pakistan that all the biggest economies of the world are struggling and trying to sustain in the financial crunch created by the COVID-19 Pandemic the economy of Pakistan showed growth.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr.Imran Khan is the right person to give him credit and his government who created the policies not only on mere feeling but on the scientific data collection.

The stability of the economy is the result of the best policies and intelligent worked done by the NCOC (National Command and Control System) through which all the data on the daily basis is updating and the government has control over the access of data through which they can implement corrective measures. Create a smart lockdown and keep the safety net as much as possible.

In the sustainability of the economy State Bank Of Pakistan played a vital role where it pushes the money in the economy and circulation of business is continued.

PTI Government must give all the credit for the growth in various industries such as 

Government announces the

Real Estate Package 

Agriculture Package

Sugarcane farmers first time in the history of Pakistan given cash on transaction

Wheat Prices are given at the highest level in the history of Pakistan around Rs.1800/Mann

60% of the population got a prosperity

Record sales in car industry with 52% increase

30% cement sales increased

0.9 million motorbikes has been sold

There are around 50 thousand people are linked with the Stock Exchange of Pakistan in which they do business on daily basis. Pakistan hit the historic index points on Karachi Stock Exchange on the 27th of May 2021.

With all this good news from the economic side if they growth is continued like this Pakistan will be closing the year with around 5 to 6% growth along with the relief that after the end of 2023 Pakistan will no longer require any other IMF Programs.

Since 1980 Pakistan has been the regular customer of IMF and Pakistan bought 22 IMF programs.

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