Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Allah S.W.T has created man and women equal and also given a complete system of social fabric through which men and women got tie in the relationship of wedding and create a society which is in balance, create affection between people and on the higher level makes a society in which we all live.

Pakistan is the society of very rich and very poor people. There are many commonalities between all classes like religion, norms and many others.

With the changing times we have witnessed that wedding become expensive, out or range for a common man and also a function which can’t be affordable at all levels of the society.

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has given us the teaching of simplicity and virtue but in reality, we only take the teachings of ISLAM when need else it’s a mere phenomenon in the society.

Expenses and no reason “RASMO RIVAJ” killed the essence of this beautiful function.

Its simple as presenting with the family in masjid and infront of IMAM of Masjid we Muslim do NIKKAH only 3 words and the girl and boy is in the contract of husband and wife.

But we are making it so hard for a common man that he can do ZINNA easily but cannot propose a girl for wedding

An alarming situation in which not only as a nation we have to look into it but our ULAM-E-DIN has to put pressure in the society to create a balance in this system.

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