Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Imran Khan Revolutionary policies of Farmers

Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was the chief guest and he announced the revolutionary step taken by his government.


Farmers are the backbone of Pakistan. We are an agrarian country in which our70% percent of the population is directly or indirectly associated with farming.

There are 8.4 million farmers in our country and we are here to take such decisions and make such policies that directly benefit our farmers.

Past government from the last 30 years never took care of our agriculture sector. Due to this the inflation in our country hitting the skyrockets price and it’s affecting the whole nation.

The problem of our common man is inflation and he has no other sources of income.


We have developed a policy and also created a law that is protecting our farmers. Our Government’s whole focus is to create easiness and direct benefits for our farmers.

If our government succeeds in providing direct subsidies to our farmers it will be the turning point of our new history.

Our Ideas is to provide direct subsidies to farmers via KISAN CARD and also by the end of this year we will be providing Sehat cards in all Punjab.


The government of Pakistan is assuring that our universities give their best effort in research and development. We have no other solution except we empower our industries with science and technology at every level of the operations.

PM Khan said he will personally look forward to the financial and other support for the research and development.

Also, these advanced steps for the betterment of farmers will produce a huge impact on farmers’ lives.


We have witnessed many government tenures in which we have seen multiple governments of PMLN and PPP and also Dictatorship of the army but in the last 73 years, Imran Khan government is the only Government who is directly working for Farmers and putting their full effort into the agriculture sector.

If agriculture becomes successful the whole inflation problem will be resolved in such a way that what food products we are getting from other international countries we will be producing ourselves Pakistan it will be cost-effective and create ease for the whole public of Pakistan.

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