Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Imran Khan is on official visit of Kingdom of Saudia Arabia where world has seen many different and notable moments.

Imran Khan who is visiting KSA on the invitation of Prince Salman is one of the new chapter opened up between two countries.

Previously we have seen that there was a long gap between Saudis and Pakistan Diplomatic relationships and instead of betterment of relationships we have seen worsen picture between two Islamic estates as Saudis demanded return back the amount there amount of money which Pakistan send back after getting from the China.

In this competitive world specially on the level of Diplomacy countries are neither in favor nor against each other only INTEREST matters between the two countries.

Some of key person in Pakistan says that the visit is just an ICE BREAK between the two countries and both sides are watching carefully upon each other what will be our next move.

Pakistan unfortunately always been on the lower side of the negotiations due to lack of financial and economic strength at the diplomatic level but it has one of the strongest move is the military aid and nuclear power base assets of the country.

There are millions of dollars investments plans MOU’s has been signed between both countries which is again a good sign of action but it all depends who many of them are executes else they are just fallen promises.

There is a great war coming in the region where only two Islamic estate are in the position to fight TURKEY & PAKISTAN.

Both of these countries are the next future of Islamic estates and these both countries have many things in common but one thing is battle hardening war force in the world.

There are so much coming after the welcome dinner….

Stay tuned for the updates….


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