Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Problems of Pakistan Drama Industry

Pakistan drama industry has been lowered down its level of entertainment from the past.

if we compare the modern drama’s from the past produced drama’s a great missing link proper missing component of subject will be found.

Pakistan is a very complex society in the way they think and react. It’s because of the different schools of thoughts differentiation along with the level of education.

In the modern era, the Pakistan entertainment industry is working with more than 25 entertainment channels and more or less the same type of content is producing on every channel.

If we like to remember what was the last drama you liked? It will be a question? Or the answer will be HUM SAFAR or Mera Pass tum ho.


The public like to watch the controversial content and it gives them a high rating on TV and if we produce any out of the box idea on different subjects producer are not willing to take risks on the different subject due to which all channels are showing more or less same kind of content.


Pakistan is a very vast approach people and the audience always likes to see new and interesting stories.

New writers have the opportunity to produce content on the following subjects.

  1. Comedy
  2. Horror
  3. Children content
  4. General Knowledge content
  5. Travelling content
  6. Fashion Content
  7. Information technology content
  8. Short films
  9. Many more.

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