Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Skardu is the ultimate traveling destination for each and everybody living in Pakistan or in an international country.

If you are a busy person, working day and night and you need a break, trust me just get your tickets book and travel to Pakistan, Skardu.


If anyone like to explain the beauty of Skardu one will be short words due to unexplainable experience one can have.

There are many international travelers are visiting Skardu in every season.

It’s good news that with the improvement in the flight plan and local airlines are increasing the flights to Skardu, the number of travelers is increasing by every month.

Which will become the highest altitude international airport in the world at 7000 feet above sea level.


Skardu is one of the highest altitude cities of Pakistan, where one could have all sorts’ basic facilities.

  1. Delicious food
  2. Hospital
  3. Friendly People
  4. Neat and Clean environment
  5. Five Star luxury hotels.

Places to Visit

When you are in Skardu every moment is worth living and long to digest the scenes of king mountains. But those who are travelling Skardu for the first time, following are the must visited places.

  1. Kachura Lack
  2. Shigar fort
  3. Organic village
  4. Manthoka Waterfall
  5. Khaplu Palce.

Skardu is a place of history and nature. Around 400 years old fort had been built in this beautiful city which is now a hotel in its same architecture and beauty.

The nights of Skardu is one of the unseen beauty in the world. If you are a night lover you can witness the clearest view of the universe from your eyes and I can guarantee you will never be able to forget this sight.


Life is short, make it memorable and long with Traveling.

Traveling Pakistan and Create Memories.

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