Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Umer Sharif the Comedy King appealing from the Government of Pakistan for financial support for his treatment in an international hospital.

Umer Sharif’s pics got viral on social where he was sitting in the hospital in a wheelchair and asking for help for his treatment from the government officials.

Fans around the world shared on social media while appealing to the government of Pakistan for Umer Sharif’s treatment.


Umer Sharif is one of the best comedians of Pakistan. He not only got famous for his talent in comedy he also played several films for Pakistan cinema.

Umer sharif’s full name is Muhammad Umer and after coming into the limelight of the entertainment industry of Pakistan he changed his stage name to UMER SHARIF.


Umer Sharif started his career from the stage at the age of 14. In 1980 he released his first play in the audio cassette.

Umer Sharif worked on stage and very soon he become very popular for his comedy acts, jokes, and vibrant performances.

He worked for Pakistani Cinema in which he not acted but also produced feature films for Lollywood.

Which are almost the comedian films and fans across the globe liked and appraised his all performances.

Umer Sharif always been overshadowed in the light of Legendary Comedian MOIN AKTHAR how was considered to be legendary and God Father of comedy in the subcontinent.


Umer sharif has been in love and married 3 wives not all marriages were successful.

His third wife Zareen Ghazal is also in conflict with him over the matter of property.

Umer sharif and Zareen Ghazal


According to the media reports Umer Sharif is suffering from amnesia

He appealed to the hospital for financial help from the government of Pakistan. H wants to get treatment from a foreign county in an international hospital.


Not only Umer sharif but there are several sportsmen, politicians, actors, poets and common people got to face such difficulties in life.

Actors and people from the entertainment industry have only a specific period of time in which they have to get prepared and established their life in a perfect manner.

But we have witnessed that actors and other people did not take better decisions in their lifetime which make them

  • Financially Sound
  • Own their Piece of land
  • And Healthy living

In Pakistan Government bodies are always been seen helpless to give extra treatment to the common man due to the corruption and lack of government resources.

Many veteran actors like Qavi khan and other senior actors tried to make a national fund for the betterment of actors in the need of the hour.

But nothing has happened since many years of discussions and fake promises.

We pray for the speedy recovery of Umer Sharif and waiting that he will get better in no time.

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