Saturday, September 25, 2021

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United Nation Security Council has been failed to perform its primary responsibility. It’s the Prime responsibility to of the United Nation to provide complete assistance and protect the innocent Palestinian where Israel a Terrorist Country is killing and attacking the innocent and bear handed Muslims.

Is the world is sleeping

Is the Blood and life of Muslims being for free and other religion people have the right to kill them by their choice and will.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi Address the United Nation Security council forum as on 20th may 2021 in which he represented the jolted the worlds nation to perform their part and make sure all the settlements are made peacefully.

In which part of the world a group of people come after 14oo years back and say it was our forefather’s land it our right to settle by the power of weapon and super power of the world are giving them weapons to kill the innocent people, grab their land and brutally occupying other lands from them as well.

It’s the time where we are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

UN Security council has failed to deliver its prime responsibility and it should now activate and make arrangements to stop Israel from bombing Palestine from immediate effect.

UN Nation also must make arrangements for the availability of food, medical facilities, and all other health services for the injured people.

#UN #Securitycouncil #Israel #TerroristCountry #Terroristjews #Terroriststate

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