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6th Sep Defense day

History of Defense day 1965

6th September defense day of Pakistan when Pakistan won the war against India in 1965.

President Ayub Khan addresses the nation on 6th September 1965

“Ohh brave people of Pakistan, Today is 6th September and our enemy attacked us from Lahore and Kasur region and also crossed our border, Pakistan Army has been deployed in all the borders and the war is started,

The upcoming days are the day of the war. As the chief of Army staff, I assure you that Pakistan Army is doing their best and we will taste Indian army the dust Inshallah.”

Since Pakistan got freedom from India, they have always been busy destroying Pakistan from every aspect, whether its economic activity or sports or any international forum.

The Indian government has always been planning to destroy Pakistan due to a racist mindset.

1965 war pros and cons


India is almost 7 times bigger than Pakistan in every aspect



Population and resources.

But Indian establishment never want to see Pakistan prosperous. Test the success using lord of ocean slot free. In 1947 when Pakistan became an independent state

British and Indian army occupied the Muslim area of Jammu and Kashmir which population was 90 percent Muslims.

They declared to go with Pakistan but the Maharaja of Kashmir was a Hindu and he requested Indian army to capture the area.

Since that day Pakistan and India are in the continuous cold war.

The 1965 war was been also started in Kashmir and Indian troops not only remained there but they attacked from Rajasthan, Lahore, and Kasur regions.


Pakistan Army has always been ready to destroy the enemy from all fronts.

PAF (Pakistan Airforce) played a huge role in winning the war when Squadron MM  leader ALAM destroyed a whole range of Indian Airforce fighter plans in 30 sec.

MM ALAM engaged with the Indian force shot down one aircraft in the air and the other 4 on the ground which is still the unbeaten world record.


In 1965 Indian army came with the biggest no. of tanks in the place of Chaminda.

It was so huge that since world war II no evidence could be found where such a great no. of tanks were in a war zone.

Pakistan Army and Airforce not only destroyed all tanks in CHAMINDA but also won the batter after 17 days of War.

India rushes to the UN (United Nation) for the ceasefire.


Pakistan not only won the war against the 7 times bigger enemy but also captured no.of Indian Army officials including

20 Officers

19 Junior commission officers

569 other ranks.


Pakistan Army is not like an ordinary army but it’s the army back by the nation. From every village of Pakistan, Army officers are selected.

The army is the national pride and the People of Pakistan always admire their army as the status of





Whole nation of Pakistan celebrate defence day telling the story of bravery of Pakistan army and how Pakistan won against India in 1965 and other wars.

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