Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Alizah shah released a song as her debut in the music industry which is perfectly dislike by everyone specially in local Pakistani Community.

Due to emerging hip hop culture and changing trends Pakistan Actors are not only working in the acting industry but they are working simultaneously on many venues.

With the social media hype many of the new generation actors are creating social media content creation, influencers videos for different brands, giving shoutout for almost every brand depending on the target audience and nature of the brand. Which not only losing effectiveness of the platforms to reach millions of users at the same time with cost effective solution but also another distraction for the viewer to digest non-required stuff on their timelines.

With the success of COKESTUDIO many brands started luck in music content creation as Pakistan has no authentic or popular stage of the representation of music industry.

So brands are coming with their own music content with the fusion of local talent and in the latest trends we have seen many actors are doing their debut with Kashmir Banaspati Music Content where many big hits came in the first season.

Hira Mani song was one of the most appraised one in the local market. But question remains answered Do every one Can Perform Everywhere?

Alizah shah who was a charmer and a young beauty icon with her innocent looks not mesmerized by all Pakistani’s but she has performed some of the really hit drama serials as a secondary main lead on ARY DIGITAL and HUM TV.

But with her debut due song with Sahir Ali bagha is a complete mess.

Where her voice and lyrics are totally vague, out of touch and most importantly the ladder of looking sexier in out fit she used in the song was only an inner wear which not only arise hate against her but also converts the trending topics on social media.

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