Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Cease fire in Palestine send a message of relief like a fresh in the whole world. to more in depth specificsYou could obtain more detailed material lord of the ocean slot free play. Both Palestine and world is celebrating victory due to cease fire.

Whole world is on the streets whether it’s a common man or a celebrity around the world. There is a protest against the innocent Muslims genocide in Palestine where one of the biggest armies in the world ISREALY Forces bombing and killing beard handed people of Palestine without any reason.

After the cease fire whole social media around the world is asking from the UNITED NATIONS for the peaceful resolution of this conflict.

Pakistan has played a vital role in this crisis where not only Government of Pakistan has raised the issue with the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) but Pakistan has raised effective voice in UN General Secretariat where Pakistan Foreign Minister deliberately said for ISREAL ENOOUGH IS ENOUGH.

 In the recent interview in United States with CNN Pakistan, Foreign Minister saidDespite of Isreally and Jewish Strong hold on the media of the world they are losing the media war.”

Mehmood also said that, For the peaceful resolution both countries has to start a dialogue for the peaceful settlement of Two Nation Theory Ideology and finalize the conflict with peace.

Otherwise this situation will not be ending in this way; this kind of injustice arises the extremist factor to arise and when it arises there will be no peace neither for Israel nor for anyone else.

Pakistan Prime Minister address the world especially Palestinian people and people of Pakistan, “We have a very clear stands against Israel which was provided by our founder MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH, that Israel is terriost state and it’s a dacoit on the land of Poor Palestinians”,

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With Palestine Always

According to the latest reports death too has been reached to 248 including 66 Children along wit 1900 people seriously injured.
Palestine required immediate of medical facilities, food, and water.

UN must start immediate help aid for the people of Palestine.

#UN #Ceasefire #Securitycouncil #Israel #TerroristCountry #Terroristjews #Terroriststate

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