Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Economic Growth of Pakistan with Shinning Effect

Economic Condition of Pakistan despite many hurdles shown growth. Prime Minister Imran Khan was claiming highly in his all speeches “Our Economic Policies not only recognized by the world bank but also our Ehsas Program was the 4th best initiative in the COVID-19 pandemic where we have given direct cash to the needy and poor people of Pakistan.”

The economy is the backbone for every country. In the modern global village where every one is depending on the good and finished products of some other countries is now become more functional and dependent with the growth of world population, fast delivery systems and fast communication.

Pakistan a country of more then 200 million of Population always been in the crunch of economic condition and inflation which cause huge price hikes in common items along with power sector increased rates in every era after the independence of Pakistan.

After the PTI Government in 2018 one of biggest challenge was to stabilize the economy of the country which was almost reach at the default tip.

Imran Khan tried really hard to make shift, continuous changes of his economic team but invain. But Imran Khan never gave up.

He was continuously working on the betterment of economy while preparing plans for the poor, creating smart polices for the overseas Pakistanis for their investment and returns and most importantly he developed a system in which he tried and get successful in Restart the local manufacturing for increasing the exports of Pakistan.

But was gone wrong due to non-technical team and corruption of the biggest mafia of beaurecacy PTI Government failed to depict their performance in real team.

After a approx. 2.5 years of working they now get all the scattered data on one-page, done the analysis and find what?

They are not under performing but performing above par. Moddy’s International acclaims Pakistan economy growth, World bank has appreciated this government Programs and most importantly these sectors shown highest growth




Foreign Remittances

Exports of Sector etc.

After the inclusion of Mr. Shaukat Tareen as the Finance Minister of Pakistan his vision and experience is showing day by day good news on the economic front.

In the next year Fiscal budget Tareen expecting 5% Growth Annual Growth and by 2023 6% annual growth in Pakistan economy.

Such good news on the economy front gives foreign investors to invest in the country which results in more production, more jobs and more revenues.

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