Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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EID UL FITAR celebrated around the world as on 13th of May 2021.

In Pakistan where Eid date finalization always been the mystery and we as a Pakistanis have a lot of funny memories specially for the Chand Raat when its get announced suddenly.

On the Chand Raat there it’s a complete adventure where all the girls have to get rushed to beauty parlors and men have to visit their favorite hair salons. Mother are rushing to the Bazars to get the things which they have forget for the EID DAY and secondly, they have to make sweet dishes and what so ever any family can do in advance shopping there is always some items which are short to complete the special dishes for the first day of Eid.

This Chand Raat is again full of surprises due to the sudden announcement of Chand Raat and Announcement of EID UL FITAR even many people get this surprise at the time of Suhur.

But the most disturbing problem we all Pakistani faced due to this announcement was the leaked video of one of the members of Moon sighting committee who was saying that the announcement on the basis of Shahadat’s are not reliable or weak that arises the question, whether its EID or NO EID Tomorrow as there is a question of 223 million of People Roza.

But on the announcement, all the people of Pakistan celebrated Eid Today with strict COVID19 polices implemented by the GOVT.

Police and Law enforcement agencies working day and night to ensure complete lockdown in all cities.

We wish all the Muslims around the world happy Eid Mubarak   

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