Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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I have found a brown wallet which seems quite new to me but the most important thing was that “It’s not any ordinary man wallet”, guess what when I searched the wallet I came to know that this thing in my hand is of an INDIAN GUY name as (RAHUL).


The simple thing that came to my mind was why should I return to it.

Is this really matter for the other person?

Should I search for this stupid guy who lost his wallet in the city of London?

What I will get from this?


But somehow I agreed with myself and let’s search for this Indian guy.

What Good Luck bestowed on me,

There is no address

No contact no.

Email ID

Official ID.

At this moment I was thinking to leave this here and he will manage by himself but no something stuck into my mind.

I have taken the help from




And most surprisingly I have found three records with the name of Rahul’s who are living in London. I have tried to contact them but they all have hidden their contact details.

But I have managed to see one Rahul who is working in London and his office is far away.

One of the greatest Indian love stories we all Pakistani’s and Indians has almost seen in our childhood is “DIL WAL DULHANIA LAY HAIN GAYE”.

In this film hero named was Rahul and this role was played by the legendary SHAHRUKH KHAN.

So I am not in a mood but this whole story feeling like I am the Simran (Actress) and I am in search of love for my life Rahul.

After long-distance, I managed to see finally the building in which Rahul is working and at the end of the journey finally, I have seen Rahul with tears in his eyes and joyfully he is thanking me for such great help and for returning the wallet that he lost and finally I become a happy and honest Pakistani Men in London who love to help other when they needed the most.

I am GHAZI TAIMOOR who lives and works in London and I help my neighbor of Indian Land Rahul.

Taimoor and Rahul


Last but not least from this inspirational story of today’s world I believe that all the people around the world are not good or bad.

We all like to live life with peace and dignity. But Indian politicians are always in the search of burning the fire of hate in the common people.

Which as a result comes with horrific incidents of Muslim killings in India very often.

We as Pakistani like to spread the good gesture around the world but we also have problems.

I hope we all should take and understand the narratives these politicians built to win the elections.

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