Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Israil is the largest terrorist country in the world.

Israil is the illegitimate child of West (Quaid-e-Azam) Founder of Pakistan

They are killing people of Palestine and Innocent Muslims since world war two.

It’s the bone of contention between Jews, Chirstans and Muslims. All the three religions has one of the deepest roots from the Masjid-E-Aqsa.

Centuries ago, when Salahudin Ayubi won the battle after several crusade wars and kicked out all the jews from the Palestine since then this area is the place where all nations are fighting for the piece of Land.

In the modern world all the Jews were trying to get the piece of land and escalate their dominance in this area and also planning for the greater Israil which is not only restrict to Palestine all alone but they have a greater plan to get all the muslim countries areas like to

  1. Egypt part of the river land (Nial River),
  2. Saudia Arabia,
  3. Iraq,
  4. Syria,
  5. Lebanon,
  6. Beriut,
  7. Iraq,
  8. Kuawait.

All this plan was not made on day or night, this was the case and was building since centuries.

When Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) conquer the area of Khyber in Madina which was the part of Jews after the betrayed Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) against the Non-Muslims wars of Makkah. At that point Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) not only war against the Jews but also exiled them from Arab area.

After 1400 years they are planning to get all the area which were there forefathers and area which were of Jews now they will war against the Muslims and not only war but also get all the area which were there hundreds of years ago.

From the last 50 year all the billionaires, well established, qualified, and top notch jews from around the world are gathering at Israil to make it the estate of Jews where they will be celebrating and building the third Temple of Soleman which was destroyed two times before it once it was destroyed by the Romans   Nebuchadnezzar II and second time it was destroyed by the Roman Ruler Titus which is 1935 years from now.

In today’s world Israil is the country which owned whole Media Industry, All broad casting channels.

They are getting on yearly basis 3.8 billion USD donations from the US. All the jews have one of the strongest holds in the world economy, Banks, Insurance companies, Pollical Parties, different Alies around the world.

Now there one of the immediate plans is to destroy Masjid E Aqsa built the Temple of Soleman for third time and welcome their Massiah which in Islam we called Dajjal. Which is also a start of the Last Crusade war in the world and that will be the massive one.

According to Hadis-e-Mubarik Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in the last war there were millions of people will be killed and even a pigeon will be flying on the sky will try to land on empty and body less place but it will not get the place and it will die via flying.

The Last War is going to begin…

#Isrial #War #Jews #Muslims #Armagadon #Endoftimes #Lastcrusade #Dajjal #Massiah

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