Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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KUWAIT lifts ban on Pakistan Visa after 10 years. In the latest meeting between the Pakistan Interior Minister and Prime Minister of Kuwait has decided that the government of KUWAIT is going to lift the ban on Pakistani Visa. Now people from Pakistan which includes skilled workers, family visa, and business community will be able to travel to Kuwait from immediate basis

had banned the visa for the following countries in 2011 due to worse security issues in the following countries

  • Pakistan
  • Iran
  • Afghanistan
  • Syria

This is the new beginning of prosperity in Pakistan where the local skilled workers and the business class will be having the opportunity to work and establish business in KUWAIT markets which is one of the world richest countries.

Kuwait Tower City Skyline glowing at night, taken in Kuwait in December 2018 taken in hdr

World Bank declared KUWAIT per capita income as the 3rd largest in the world and currency of KUWAIT is the highest in the world.

KUWAIT is a country of 4.5 million people in which KUWAIT native population is 1.3 million and other people are foreigners.

Interior Minister of Pakistan Sheikh Rasheed thanked the Prime Minister of Kuwait and also handed over the letter of Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan in the meeting.

He also shared the tweet in which he expressed the joy for local Pakistanis on the great opportunity waiting for them in Kuwait.

Pakistani work forces is one the ideal work force in the world. Work force of Pakistan not only developed whole middle east but also made example of excellence of skill and craft overall the world.

Pakistan can get the maximum advantage of this opportunity while creating a complete information desk for the local and jobless Pakistanis where they can apply for the jobs for KUWAIT and also safe from the thugs and frauds of Pakistani Mafia’s those who get all the life saving of poor people and dough them with false promises.

All the work permits must be advertised under the supervision of Govt. via an internet facility in which the least chance of fraud must be implemented.

This is will not only help the people of Pakistan but also be a great opportunity for the Pakistan Govt. to send proper people with correct requirement in the new land.


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