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Parizaad is a wonderful piece of drama breaking the grounds and people are getting obsessed with the super-duper acting of Ahmed Ali Akbar as Parizaad.

What is the Storyline?

Parizaad is a story of a common struggling man who is trying to get an education in one of the toughest circumstances of one’s life.

Parizaad is a Sharif guy who is putting maximum effort to get the best education while supporting his family with blue-collar and odd jobs.

Why People are getting Pagal for this Drama?
Parizaad is not only an ordinary story of the typical storyline but a unique set of characters that are merged with their lives in a very strange manner.

At one place you will witness the elite class society and on the other side of the coin is the daily struggling families.

Parizaad is breaking the terms of AAM KAHANI wali Baat.

With the creativity of the concept and management of characters by SHAHZAD KASHMIRI one can only get some exciting stuff for entertainment.

Who Directed this Drama?
Parizaad is directed by Pakistan’s young director Shahzad Kashmiri who is not only one of the best drama director in Pakistan but has also been awarded as the best serial award for HUMSAFAR.

People are becoming so much crazy for Parizaad Character which is played by very talented seasoned actor Ahmed Ali Akbar.

Akbar played various characters in different drama serials for which he has always been seen in a different colors.

Being a theater artist and highly adaptable person Akbar always inspires his fans with his new moves and characters.

Along with Ahmed Ali Akbar main cast comprised of



Saboor Aly

Yumna Zaidi

Nauman Ijaz and list goes on meri jaan.

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