Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Pakistan established the world’s biggest Miyawaki urban forest in Lahore.

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the forest by himself as on 9th august 2021.


Imran Khan said, “I am proud nation and my government officials who gave their blood and sweat to achieve this remarkable project. ’

He added, “Due to increase in the pollution we have destroyed the whole natural resources and which is one of the biggest reason, the city of Garden Lahore city is now one of the top polluted cities in the world.”

He also said that I had been raised in the city of Lahore which is the city of gardens, everywhere you can move in the city are a part of the forest and thousands of trees are the shed of Lahore city.

But our previous government not only cut down hundreds of trees in the name of development but also destroyed the natural climate of the city.

With this modern technique of the Miyawaki foresting method, we will be growing thousands of trees in now time.

With this technique, we can grow a dense forest in a limited time period of 20-30 years wherein natural way it will take 200 to 300 years to grow such a level of the forest.

Miyawaki Forest technique was introduced by the Japanese Biotonist Akira Miyawaki.

Miyawaki Akira

With this technique, we can grow urban forests in a very short span of time.


In Lahore, there are almost 100 sites have been allocated for the miyawaki urban foresting.

Which will become the lungs for the city of Lahore as it’s the highest absorber of carbon dioxide and also produce fresh air.


PM Imran Khan appealed from the whole nation, “now, it’s your responsibility to grow at least 1 tree on your behalf and also take care of it. In this way, we will not only create green Pakistan but also one place where humans and nature can live in peace.”

Pakistan 10 billion trees in five years in the province of KPK and now Govt. of Pakistan has the vision to grow 1 billion trees till 2023.

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